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Bonjour Escalier is an interactive experience made during the workshop "Jeux dans la ville" by a group of  student from the ENJMIN (Video Game School) and the EESI (Fine Arts School) of Poitiers (France).

This is an interpretation of a short moment that the student felt while visiting the museum of the city.

You can climb the stairs by pressing the up arrow key.
You can say "Hello" once by character by pressing the space bar.

There is no end, stop whenever you feel like it.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsAlterisateur, RachelDfs
Tags3D, artgame, backroom, backrooms, Cyberpunk, Liminal space


bonjour escalier jeu.zip 37 MB


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One of the most underrated piece of liminal stairscore which  probably paved the way to the creation of the level 75 of the backrooms. The contrast between this utopian take of social behavior and our real world tells a lot about our society in a simple yet effective way. Great work!

I am truly proud of being a part of this project


Il love it. Will never stop playing it.